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Turning The Not-So-Normal Day Into Awesome

Post-COVID: It’s time for new, simple, daily practices that change your day, and your life

Turning The Not-So-Normal Day Into Awesome

It’s finally happening. Those of us who survived… (Far too many did not…) and those of us who are ready to thrive again… (Far too many are still struggling…) are emerging from our year-long pandemic cocoon. Ready to create new and better normals.

But what will you put in place to ensure that actually happens? How will you create your amazing future?

=For decades, I’ve been simplifying global best practices into easy-to-remember, easy-to-implement ways of living and working. Here’s a great way to launch your amazing new post-pandemic normal: The 3-2-1 Rule for An Awesome Day.

3. Three Must Dos Every Day

We’re all on overload. Far too much crap comes at us every day. And most of us are trying to get too much of it done. The reality is: Not all To Dos are created equal. The average person has only three (or less) To Dos each day that truly matter, that will truly make a major difference. Begin each day by selecting the three that matter most and focus, focus, focus! (I usually pick only two, assuming a third will pop up sometime during the day.) Do this and you’ll see your effectivenss and happiness sky-rocket!

2. Two Great Help Moments Every Day

Helping others truly matters. (Beyond whatever help you’re already supposed to provide.) Besides the fact that this is just what good people do… Doing two Great Help moments every day tees up pay-it-forward-rewards that will come your way in the future. We are now in a networked economy. Your personal network is one of the most crucial factors to your success. If you make a daily practice of helping others, you are creating a wellspring of awesomeness that will come back to you!

1. One New Learning Every Day

Constantly ask a question you didn’t ask yesterday. Seek out a new experience — from walking or driving a different route to doing something you’ve never done before. Every day. This is crucial because the pandemic was just the beginning — every day in your future will be filled with major disruptions. And the only way to have awesome disruption-filled days, is to train yourself to constantly adapt to changing situations. That starts small, with new daily micro-experiences. Doing so trains your heart and mind for the unexpected. You are creating a life where serendipity, adaptability, and personal agility are built-in.

Three Must Dos ensure a focused great day.

Two Great Helps keeps you in touch with your values and what really matters.

One New Learning prepares you for whatever comes next.

A simple approach to make every day awesome in a post-pandemic world!

Bill Jensen, Mr. Simplicity, makes it easier to do great work. He is ranked as a Top 5 Global Thought Leader on the Future of Work, and a Top 5 Global Thought Leader on Change Management. Bill’s newest book, The Day Tomorrow Said No, is a powerful fable about the future of work, designed to revolutionize how we approach our future. Go here to get your copy for FREE!


I’ve known Bill Jensen, "Mr. Simplicity", for years. Check out any of his books on Amazon and you WILL find strategies that can forestall burnout and add value. guaranteed!

– Eileen

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