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What’s love got to do with it?

Answer: everything. At least it does when both parties have gone through divorces; there’s little money between them, and three kids to boot. One can imagine that saying “yes” a second time is akin to banging one's head against an iron skillet.

Time for a confession: that scenario is what my sweet husband, Bill Elvins and I faced 35 years ago when we stood in front of Father John and said “We do!”. And do we have done: three amazing kids with successful careers and solid marriages, four outrageously wonderful grandchildren, and adventures galore.

Bill and I have:

  • Backpacked over the High Sierras

  • Joined a veterinarian in his ride to count the wild mustangs of the Eastern Sierras

  • Trekked the northwestern corner of the India Himalayas

  • Sat in the middle of San Ignacio Lagoon in the Baja while kissing the head of the California gray whales and their 18-footlong babies

  • Fished for salmon in Alaska

  • Danced our feet off at many events, wedding, and award ceremonies

After 35 years, I am so clear that we don’t need “stuff”. What we yearn for are shared experiences from which we learn, laugh, and soak in amazing sights, sounds and people.

I write this to honor my amazing Bill who is so supportive as I travel the globe, speaking. He’s the anchor that draws me home, the man who tends daily chores that I can’t manage, the one who calms me down and evens me out. He’s the laundryman, the chef, the wine steward, and the best hugger/snuggler on the planet. Yes, the wind beneath my wings.

I want the world to know about him. I want to honor the incredible job he has done as a father and a grandfather. He’ll be upset that I have written about him. Too bad. Sometimes, you just have to follow your intuition.

Happy Anniversary, Sweet William.

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