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What’s Love got to do with it? EVERYTHING

Here’s a novel approach to start the Thanksgiving holiday: try the Love Glasses Revolution ® As Tara Ijai, founder of this product and a movement toward kindness insists, “wearing Love Glasses block the harmful “U-ME” rays.”

Tara is the perfect model of resilience and the ability to reframe hate speech into another option: Love.

Consider her story: When she converted to Islam and began wearing the hijab, she became subject to taunts, jeers and threats. The final blow came while sitting with her non-Islam family in a restaurant and hearing a broadcaster talk about rounding up Muslims and putting them into a detention camp.

Heartsick and upset, she sobbed for hours until her brother showed her this meme at

Tara recalls an almost immediate flash of inspiration to do something completely opposite of the hate rhetoric and actions. Thus, was born The Love Glasses Revolution!

While the glasses are fun and stylish, her real intent is to get the wearers to do three things:

  • Actively work to seek similarities and find a common ground with every person - discovering that we are more alike than different.

  • Take time to to be kind to yourself.

  • Know that you are making the world a better place by the small choices you make along the way.

Check out her website and discover not only stylish glasses, but a focus to bring our communities and nation back to love… one person at a time.

I love my glasses—no pun intended. When I wear them, I am conscious of taking time to smile at strangers, to perform random acts of kindness—like delivering cookies to the post office, to being gentler with myself when I become frustrated with work.

I am grateful to Tara for offering all of us a strong reminder that LOVE matters.

Let me know if you become a Love Rebel in this revolution!


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