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Big Winds Don’t Always Bring Rain - Neither Do Windbags

This past week, the skies darkened in the hills behind my home in Southern California. What first looked like a cloud-filled sky quickly became dark and ominous. Wind whipped my wind chimes, blew over potted plants and scattered my deck chairs like matchsticks.And we were thrilled.RAIN coming in drought-decked California. Parched. Dying.

And then. Nothing. Not a drop. The plants remained parched. Dry. Lifeless.

Reminds me of folks we all encounter—particularly in this political season.Lots of hot air, blustery bellows, windbags without any moisture content and NO real relief in sight.

It’s easy to get excited when feeling threatened, anxious, and worried.It’s what happens in my state with no substantial rain for five years.

But when it comes to selecting leaders, caution is the byword.Big winds might look promising but without real depth—well, it’s just windbag.

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