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Burnout Affects Every Area Of Your Life Including Sleep

Joe Robinson from Eachnight has offered to share an an article and infographic with The Energizer because sleep is a very important part of resiliency and it's not just about how many hours you get a night. It's more complicated so I'll let Joe explain.

Wake-Up Call: Analyzing How People’s Wake-Up Methods Affect Their Lifestyle and Work Performance

Every part of our sleep routine impacts our day. Sure, there are plenty of ways to ensure high-quality rest, but the methods we employ to wake up are equally as important. For workers, the value of a good night’s sleep is critical to tackling the work day ahead productively and with a clear mind.

There are a multitude of tools to help us awaken and tackle the work day’s tasks, such as analog alarm clocks that incite nostalgia to sleep-tracking devices whose primary function is to regulate our sleep habits. Could there be massive differences in how effective these types of alarms are, though? Does one type of alarm produce a more rested and motivated person?

You can read the rest of the article and view the infographic at Eachnight!

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