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Do You Trip For Love?

Do You Trip For Love?

Long ago and far away—in a distant galaxy—I was married to man who thought marathon road trips were the best thing since sliced bread. The trick was to drive as many miles as possible in one day, sleep in some unassuming hotel, and head out again on the road. Roads were always Interstate and not interesting. There were a few stops along the trip for a hurried look-see, cross it off the “I’ve done that” list and head on out again. I was always the passenger and never the driver. (Although I do admit, I am a champ at reading road maps. Siri was not even in the picture!)

This year, with my beloved spouse of 37 years, I have INSISTED on going on his long-awaited road trip. I can’t believe I insisted —and for two weeks too. But this time, I am sure it will be different. I pray it will be different. He has marked out backroads, side trails and places like Glacier National Park, the Canadian Rockies, and the farm towns along the eastern Washington and Oregon borders.

I am determined to look with new eyes…to seek resiliency lessons... to find funny things... and to laugh loud and long.

Wanna come? I am going to try and capture video along the way and make observations.  You can see my first video below and I'll add others to upcoming blogs.

Remember, you get to sleep in your own bed. I will keep you posted.

Adios.. and vaya con Dios!

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