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June is Bustin’ Out all Over with Broadway Musicals

Broadway Street Sign

Ahhh, the music of Rogers and Hammerstein in the production Carousel. I love that song. In fact, any music by those two notable composers lingers in my memory and heart.


Broadway musicals were key to my youth.  Mom and Dad would take us to “Theater Under the Stars”, an outdoor venue in Atlanta that only opened in the summer. Sitting on those hard concrete benches or on a blanket spread on the lawn, we’d listen to (and probably fall asleep to) songs with melodies and words that still bring pictures to my mind.

In fact, to get through the chore of drying dinner dishes, we’d sing. We’d start with the alphabet and try and come up with music from various shows:  Annie Get Your Gun, Brigadoon, Camelot, Carousel, and more… 

As a teenager, I knew more of those songs than whatever was the current rage among my peers. I had to be taught about The Beatles, Beach Boys and more. No wonder I didn’t quite fit in.

This summer—in the middle of mosquitos, heat, flaming political rhetoric, and more—maybe it’s time to take a break. Remember music that made you smile, sing along, perhaps dance. Teach it to your kids even if they snicker.  Who knows, music could be a common denominator that brings us together! 


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