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Even Your Voice Mail Doesn't Want To Talk To You

From the files of "we have more technology than we know what to do with it" comes a new tool so you don't have to listen to your voice mail. Services such as YouMail allows users to access voice messages in an e-mail or online. The idea is to minimize the time you spend retrieving voice mail. But remember, the more important the issue or the relationship, returning that call is essential. When you don't talk phone to phone or voice to voice details may go missing, tone of voice and visual cues aren't there and you just missed a valuable chance to create a relationship with your potential client, a colleague, or employee. My advice: talk person to person if at all possible. If it isn't, call and speak to your potential client in real time. The more you build the relationship, the more you profit. For more ideas like this look at my book "Talk Ain't Cheap... It's Priceless!".

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