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Five Ideas For A Get-Moving Resilient Congress

Resiliency requires adaptability, the willingness to seek multiple solutions to challenges and opportunities. Rather than limp along in the same fashion with processes created for far different times, I discovered five ideas from Mark McKinnon, GOP strategist and cofounder of NoLables, a movement to end partisan gridlock.

  1. Have all members of Congress work five days a week when in session, synchronizing House and Senate schedules with three weeks in D.C. and one week at home.

  2. Pass a “No Budget, No Pay” ruling that would dock members every day they fail to pass a budget on time.

  3. Require a yeah or nay vote on presidential appointments within 90 days or the candidate is confirmed by default.

  4. Introduce monthly bipartisan gatherings, bipartisan seating and a bipartisan leadership committee.

  5. Allow no pledges but the Oath of Office. It is time Congress behaves like real leaders who hold themselves accountable for all the stakeholders. Let me know what you think!

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