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Four Top Tips For Resilient Relationships (With Teams And With Customers)

Four Top Tips For Resilient Relationships

In the blur of limited Twitter feeds and IMs, relationships can become short-changed through shorthand communication.

Want to improve relationships so that they are sustained? Use these tips.

  1. Forget ad copy. Use real language. A headline and catchy phrases only go so far. Write and speak what you really mean in plain words. No jargon allowed.

  2. Use symbolic gestures instead of words. Example: The St. Baldrick’s Foundation has a huge goal of eradicating childhood cancer. One of their primary fundraising efforts is head shaving. They raise money by asking people to donate and you will have your head shaved! When a team leader wanted to get the point across that internal dissension was killing team results, he wrapped a yellow “crime scene” tape around all the desks and then asked the question—“what do we need to do to stop this from happening.” Powerful.

  3. Try storytelling instead of telling. Data and facts are dry and without life. Tell the story about what happens when someone uses your product. Tell the story about how you felt when someone gave you positive feedback. Remember, facts tell but emotion sells. Paint a picture. And if you have a challenge with storytelling, I can help.

  4. Practice dialogue instead of discussion. Discussion gets its root word from the same place as percussion: “To beat upon”. Dialogue means to engage in an informal exchange of ideas. Seek to understand what your team member says, what the client wants, what your spouse asks. “Please tell me more,” is a great way to open up dialogue and look for common points.

Remember, talk is NOT cheap. It IS priceless.

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