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How Do you Want to Be Remembered?

The Remembrance Study recently asked 600 people to select their top  life values from a list of 110 options. Each was asked to choose the  top six values for which he or she would like to be remembered. What came to the top?  Being a good friend was the number one choice of all age groups except men over 65. Males in this group chose honesty as their number-one value. Having observed my husband in  retirement, my suspicion is that without work where men might encounter friends, the retirement phase can be more self-absorbed rather than other-oriented. Despite the recent election that revolved around the economy, making a lot of money was dead last. Less than one percent of women and men wanted to be remembered for their financial prowess.   On a sad note—considering the men and women who are giving their lives and futures  in Afghanistan and other places around the globe, only 3% of women and  12% of men wanted to be remembered for their patriotism. Maybe we might consider the 2nd highest value (care of family) and begin to bring these families back home again. Your thoughts?

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