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Intentions and Trust Create Surprise Support

I am at my annual retreat center nestled at the foothills of the mountains behind Santa Barbara, CA. I come every January to spend a few days in silence, reflecting on the year that has gone but more importantly, creating intentions for what I want to bring into the New Year.

My ritual for the last 17 years (save the two years when mountain lions were roaming) is to get up early the first morning and hike to the top of the ridge line. It’s steep, rugged, rock-strewn, and treacherous in spots. Once the trail moves away from the San Ysidro Creek, switchbacks increase in length and severity. Alas, I forgot my hiking poles. But I trust I can still do the almost 10-mile round trip.

Trust, Intention. Imagine my delight when I spy the trail marker, wrapped in a red Christmas ribbon. And what is leaning against the upright beam? A tree branch, just perfect as a walking stick. I pick it up, pretending I am the female version of Gandalf, the wizard of Hobbit fame. Wow. TRUST!*

As I wrote in my last post, intentions open the door for multiple ways to be accomplished. Last year, my intention was to find a vehicle for presenting my ideas on resiliency to the world. The result, officially launching next week, is my newest book, Your Resiliency GPS. Had you asked my a year ago if I would have a book, the answer would have been, “I don’t know”. However, I trusted that the right vehicle would emerge.

This year, my intention is to play bigger in a world of possibilities for a world of difference. Not quite sure what that look like but as I explore options, I trust answers will be forthcoming. What are your intentions. You can trust me to help you if I can.

*PS I put the walking stick back when I came down the mountain. Someone else might have the same intention and no hiking poles.

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