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Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Communication?

Most of us have worked for more than one employer who didn't communicate well or at all with employees.  We all know the consequences of such an oversight but what happens if communication becomes constant and overwhelming?  When you add technology into the mix, the methods of communicating with employees far exceed face-to-face communications.  We have e-zines, e-mail blasts, streaming video, instant messaging, text messaging, telephones, teleconferences, webinars and live meetings.  How do you make sure that employees are seeing and absorbing important information without suffering from information overload? 1.  Pick a communication channel or two and stick to it.  Don't try to use every trendy method of communication out there. 2.  Be clear and concise.  Less is more when you want to avoid employee overwhelm. 3.  Don't dilly-dally.  Get important information out to employees now.  Don't wait for the rumor mill to distort your message. 4.  Talk face to face when you can.  There isn't anything that replaces face-to-face conversation especially on critical and sensitive topics.

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