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January 2022 Leadership Development Carnival

January 2022 Leadership Development Carnival

I have the privilege of hosting the January 2022 Leadership Development Carnival! We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building, and more.




by Julie Winkle Giulioni | @Julie_WG

In today’s fast-paced, intake-overloaded, noise-filled world, people crave the opportunity and welcome the invitation to think more deeply and share more of what’s on their mind. And it's as easy as speaking two simple words, 'say more'.


by Diana Peterson-More | @DianaPMAuthor

“The most wonderful time of the year,” can also be filled with stress. For me, this year, the so-called “great communicator,” encountered miscommunications that led to hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and three less for a family holiday dinner. What happened and whose responsibility is it anyway?


Creativity / Inspiration


by Dana Theus | @DanaTheus

Work is hard work. How to find purpose in your work is a hard question. Even when you know you are doing important things, showing up to do the hard work can start to feel like a grind. Pointless. Meaningless. Joyless.

When you and others around you are struggling, lost in grind of it all, finding purpose at work acts like a lighthouse in the fog. Taking the next step to purposefully craft your work in ways that help you stay connected to this purpose is like having a compass and a map.


by Lisa Kohn

Lisa Kohn of Thoughtful Leaders Blog presents Are you burning your life brightly?, where she shares that when we make a choice to make our lives – and relationships – burn intensely… when we can pay attention, and be Thoughtful and extraordinary, we make our relationships burn with connection, closeness and understanding, and we make our endeavors burn with purpose and power.




by Marcella Bremer | @MarcellaBremer

Love is the next leadership skill, says Robin Anselmi. Love makes us smarter together. In a business context, love means an authentic connection, compassion, and forgiveness. How’s your love of people, connection, and collaboration?


by Bill Treasurer | @btreasurer

Love is the next leadership skill, says Robin Anselmi. Love makes us smarter together. In a business context, love means an authentic connection, compassion, and forgiveness. How’s your love of people, connection, and collaboration?


by Jim Taggart | @jlctaggart

The role of senior corporate leadership is to set the context, to create the environment where collaboration is fostered, creativity nurtured, mutual respect ingrained, vision created, leadership shared, and innovation valued.


by Priscilla A Archangel | @prisarchangel

As you develop your plan for entry into your new role or organization, think about these 10 important topics that you need to focus on. More than simple questions, they are issues you need to understand deeply as a foundation for how you will lead, how you will add value, how you will develop your strategies and accomplish your goals.


by Wally Bock | @WallyBock

I love my dogs and I’ve learned a lot from them.


by S. Chris Edmonds | @schrisedmonds

Twenty-eight years ago this month I had a heart attack. It was not how I planned to spend the day. Like many others who have experienced a significant health issue, my heart attack caused me to reflect on my life. I knew my job at the time was not a great fit for me. I was not using my talents to proactively serve others.


by Jon Verbeck | @jonverbeck1

Pandemic or not, it’s the time of year to block out some time for next year’s planning and get your forecasts done. Here's a process that can help.


by Karin Hurt / David Dye | @letsgrowleaders

Outstanding performance starts with clear performance expectations—a shared understanding of what success looks like. But what do you do when a critical player on your team is doing “okay,” but not great?


by Angela Hummel | @AngelaJHummel

Many people aspire to earn a promotion or establish a career path leading to the highest level in an organization. While a career pinnacle might be reached, the arrival also could be filled with disappointment or disenchantment. When you build a scaffolding, you can move over to the side, jump down for a while, rely on your network or tap into other opportunities.


by Bill Donahue | @drbilldonahue

It’s time to move beyond passion casting on the one hand, and rigid planning on the other. It is time for fresh, flexible thinking guided by core convictions and clear, collaborative action so that we all can move in the same direction together.


by Ken Byler

Boundaries are something most of us are good at creating. From childhood to adulthood we spend much of our time and energy deciding what and who to include or exclude. I must confess the latter behavior seems hardest for me to resist.


by Brenda Yoho | @BrendaYoho

Acceptance is a word with more depth in its meaning and width in its reach. As an individual and a leader, we have to provide support, guidance, understanding, and accountability in acceptance. In our world of wanting to be accepted, we set high expectations and often unreasonable assumptions about the work we do. As leaders, we must recognize this in ourselves, in others and help guide everyone through the steps of acceptance of self.


by Ken Downer | @RapidStartLdr

The arrival of a new year signals a time of reflecting on the old, but there’s no owner’s manual on how; here are 11 ways to make the most of it.




by Jon Lokhorst | @jonlokhorst

An increasing rate of employee burnout is among the far-reaching consequences of the global pandemic we’ve been weathering. It’s your responsibility as a leader to address the risk of burnout, first for yourself and then for your team. Here are four tips to guide you.


by Bev Kaye | @BeverlyLKaye

Did your “job EKG” ever go flat? Did the feeling of challenge change to a feeling of routine? your most valued employees are the also the ones most likely to suffer this sense of job discontent. They are savvy, creative, self-propelled, and energetic. They need stimulating work, opportunities for personal challenge and growth, and a contributing stake in the organizational action. If good workers find the job with your company no longer provides these necessities, they may decide they have outgrown the place and will consider leaving.


by David Grossman | @ThoughtPartner

What do employees really want from their managers? While the answer varies from person to person, our research and experience gained from decades of work in this area reveal some common themes, so we’re pulling back the curtain on a collective “wish list” – and come up most often as unmet – that every boss should know.




by Randy Conley | @RandyConley

The most persistent barrier to becoming a trusted servant leader is a heart guided by self-interest that looks at the world as a “give a little, take lot” proposition. In this post, Randy Conley shares what distinguishes Servant Leaders from others and offers a free eBook excerpt from his upcoming book, The Simple Truths of Leadership--52 Ways to Be a Servant Leader and Build Trust.




by Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE | @macdarling

According to Ricky Gervais "Men work hard but women work miracles". How many women I know who perform incredible deeds of courage, tenacity, and caring while—often—hiding behind the scenes.


by Neal Burgis, Ph.D. | @exec_solutions

As 2022 is just getting started, you need to expand and go further than before with your thinking and creating of innovative ideas. This year you need to generate ideas that will not just "WoW", but also be successful with customers wanting what you offer.

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