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Leaders, give peas a chance!

There is no sense in avoiding it so let’s talk about it. The “great resignation” also includes leaders and HR professionals quitting in record numbers.

Like a huge avalanche the pandemic crashed upon the workplace resulting in many sweeping changes and much stress. Workplaces needed to consider changing staff, supplies, locations, and processes in a quest to survive one of the most difficult eras of our time.

However, this quest to survive may have brought about an unintended work environment fraught with uncertainty, worry, stress and burnout. If you find yourself gripped with anxiety, here are ways to rising above the stress -- if you remember the peas.

Sure, corn or carrots might be the latest craze in addressing this challenge. Peas may be quiet and unassuming sitting off the side of some superstar entree. But at the end of the day, it is peas who stand out among the vegetable crowd. Come on…give peas a chance.

Pace yourself

We know that eating small amounts of food frequently is good for maintaining even blood sugar levels during the day. The same concept is true in taking on crises and mounting difficult challenges. Learn to recognize your energy levels and pace yourself.


Sometimes just having a plan can reduce stress. Determining an alternate course of action in terms of career, education and job options will reduce stress. Or sometimes just having something to look forward to at the end of the day or week, will help keep focus on the positive. I did this very thing after I was laid off during the great recession. I decided never to be caught off guard again. So, I planned to invest and save. It turns out that plan paid off as the onset of the pandemic.


If the tasks are coming in at lightning speed or if a project seems too large break it down into manageable pieces. From there prioritize those items or tasks and start knocking out the items with the highest priority. As those items are complete the stress level will begin to reduce.


There is no substitute for the “e-word”—exercise. Admittedly, I need work on this as my old basketball coaches may wince at my being out of shape today. But the truth is good exercise is linked to increasing energy, sharpening focus, and relaxing mind and body. So, I’ll start if you do. Tell me about your experience and let’s hold each other accountable, ok?

Pleasant humor

A good sense of humor is just what the doctor ordered for a stressful workplace. Pleasant humor is humor in good taste that lightens the mood in an otherwise tense environment. Some days just seem to go better when laughter or at least a chuckle abound.

See now don’t you feel better now that you’ve given peas a chance?


Author’s Bio

Tresha Moreland

Tresha Moreland is a 30-year experienced HR leader that has worked in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. She is leadership consultant and founder of HR C-Suite, LLC who helps leaders improve their ability to execute on business strategy through creative and forward-thinking workforce solutions.

Tresha has authored books such as, “Navigating the Healthcare Workforce Shortage: How to Safeguard Your Organization’s Most Important Asset”, “PHR/SPHR Professional in Human Resources Certification Practice Exams”, “aPHR Associate Professional Human Resources Certification Practice Exams”, and “Insider’s Guide to Shared Services.” Her education includes dual master’s degrees in Human Resources Management and Business Administration from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA. She also possesses a Senior Professional Human Resources and Six Sigma Black Belt Professional Certification. She is also a Fellow in American College of Executives with the designation of FACHE. You can learn more about her at


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