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LEAN IN Advice by Sandberg Needs Honest Evaluation

For all my years in working with women’s leadership issues, I am astounded at the criticism directed at Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook, with today’s release of her new book, LEAN IN. Yes, she’s in the rarefied air of Silicon Valley –but she has EARNED that right by her work, by brains, and by speaking out in a way she could be heard. You don’t read criticism of men who write leadership books full of advice and who also had the “same privilege”. She raises issues that point a sharp finger at the male-bastion in senior leadership AND she also gives some pretty pointed advice about what women who want to move into those spots must ALSO do. This is not an either /or book of advice. I find it a both/and discourse. What I’d rather hear are women supporting each other. What I’d rather hear is how women and men can give each other guidance on how to address work/life integration issues so that all sexes—with and without children—can have a full life. What I’d rather hear is advice on how women can speak up and be heard.

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