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Mighty Mites Make Music

With Spring in the air, the sounds of bird songs fill my backyard. Joyous trilling, clear whistles, and unidentified melodies.

Yet try as I might, I can’t find the makers of these incredible notes. I can hear and see the raucous cackling of jet-black ravens and crows. Like midnight bandits, these birds have managed to scare away and /or kill 3 nesting doves. They frighten my cobalt blue Western Bluebirds. Yet, my singers of songs remain hidden.

Until yesterday.

Perched on the branch of a tree yet to sprout in greenery. I spotted the tiny musician. Maybe three inches in all. Watch its throat. Listen to the glorious music.

And here is the lesson:

“It’s not the size of the bird in the song. It’s the size of the song in the bird.”

That’s encouragement for all !!!

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