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More ideas for a Get-Moving Resilient Congress

Mark McKinnon, GOP strategist and cofounder of NoLables, a movement to end partisan gridlock offers a few more ideas to get this Congress into progress rather than posturing:

  1. End the use of filibusters to prevent a bill from reaching the Senate for debate. Or at least create a time limit for the filibuster.

  2. Allow members the ability, if they have a majority, to override a leader or a committee chair's refusal to bring a bill to the floor. McKinnon suggests anonymity until the bill is passed. I disagree here. Why not transparency!

  3. Introduce a "question time" for the president, on a rotating basis, between the House and the Senate with these sessions televised.

  4. Expand presidential power to eliminate redundant parts of the federal government. My personal two cents: send everyone in Congress to see LINCOLN, the movie starting Daniel Day-Lewis. It becomes clear how far both parties have moved from their roots.

One sees a singular man convinced on what most be done for the good of the nation and NOT for singular people. May we talk about moral ground?  Of all our presidents, the staying power of Lincoln remains a strong heritage and demonstrates that legacy has resiliency.

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