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Nurses Week and no Weak Nurses!!

Just returned from York, PA and the funeral of my almost 96-year old Mother.  In the course of the past four years, I’ve watched nurses in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and hospice settings. Without a doubt, these women and men represent a resiliency in the face of systems and situations that could wear anyone down. During this week as the nation salutes the nursing profession, we’d all be well served if we took a few lessons from these professionals. Speaking to 300 Directors of Nursing (DONs) from LifeCare Centers of America, I listened to their passion and concern for their patients. They tackled operational challenges, laughed with abandon at the Medical Director’s expense, and cheered wildly for winners of service awards. The Strengths:

  • Passion for the work

  • Concern and care for the “customer”

  • Ability to laugh at themselves and each other

  • Support and celebration for the team.

With our hospice nurses, I observed the same thing. Their sensitivity, compassion, and unfailing spirits were hallmarked by the exact same strengths. Here’s the point: if passion for your work has died - find something to rekindle it somewhere.  If customers and team members fill you with disdain or indifference, find a place where you can truly care about these two groups.  And if the last laugh you had was watching your handsome brother slip on a banana peel in front of the Homecoming queen, you might consider a SERIOUS attitude implant.  Humor remains a critical resiliency skill. And in this week, all strong nurses have it in abundance.

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