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Sandberg’s “Lean In Groups” need matching “Bring in Groups”

The criticism flies fast and furious over Sheryl Sandberg’s new book. She has started Lean In Groups for the purpose of helping women learn from each other. It’s an amazing site with interviews, how to create groups and more. I’d like to “tweak it”. I think there also needs to be Bring In Groups as part of the conversation. Specifically, bring in as many senior men into the conversation so that together we can look at how to craft workplaces that support meaningful career/life practices. This is not an either/or time. This is a time for both/and. All of us have a choice to stand up, lean in, and speak out for what we want to bring to the “party”. At the same time, senior leaders in the organization have an opportunity to explore just what are the unwritten and written “rules of the road” that might be re-examined so that all employees can bloom where they are planted—without uprooting the rest of their lives.

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