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Seeing Is Not Believing

Eyeball Up Close

What started as a “simple” cataract operation that EVERYONE assured me was a “piece of cake”, has become a nine-month saga. From my eye not having strong or enough microfilaments to hold a pan optic lens, to cataract fragments that had to be removed, and now—a corneal procedure called PRK—I sit at the computer only focusing with my right eye.

Blurry doesn’t even begin to describe the world as viewed from my left eye. Bill has become my personal “uber” driver (depth perception is off with only one eye). Using the computer makes huge demands on spell check and errors. And reading is—iffy.

It’s easy to plunge into the worst possible outcome of not having all my sight back. I refuse to go there. Unlike the traditional adage: “I’ll believe it when I see it”, I’m concentrating on “When I believe it, I WILL see it.”

I think this is a chance for me to focus on my other senses. I walk and listen to the birds. I taste the flavors of deep dark chocolate, a gift from the mighty medics I addressed at Fort Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, WY. I smell the salt air wafting from the ocean. I snuggle into the strong arms of my precious husband and feel his heartbeat.

What sense might you open to this September?

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