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Speaking Of Employee Attitude... Let's Have Some Fun!

Speaking Of Employee Attitude... Let's Have Some Fun!

Turnaround your negative work environment by taking steps to be more positive. You can start by having clear expectations of employees and by having leaders who take an interest in their staff. If you really want to get employees excited about coming to work everyday then you'll have to go a bit farther.

Try some of these fun ideas:

  • Have lunch catered for the entire staff and have it served to employees by management.

  • Celebrate Halloween in February and encourage staff to wear costumes. Give out prizes and candy.

  • Have a contest each month where the winner will have dinner with their boss.

  • Make promotions special by inviting the office to celebrate with food and fun.Have an afternoon tea once a month with teas from around the world and pastries.

  • Hire a face painter to paint management and staff faces and take pictures for the company bulletin board.

  • Have a wine and cheese reception with staff and customers.

  • Create a gallery of staff baby photos and have a contest to guess who's who.

All it takes to make work more fun is some creativity, time and the realization that happy employees equal happy customers.

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