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Synergy Strikes. Kare Anderson Leaves Me Smiling!

Just finished the most delightful conversation with

Kare Anderson Leaves Me Smiling!

She's an Emmy award winner, fabulous writer, and a brilliant thinker. We covered so many topics while, at the same time, found points of mutuality that helped us talk at deeper levels. Mutuality. It was the topic of Kare's TedX talk and a key component of her work. It is what is missing in so much of our conversations today. We don't have the in-depth conversations that explore our points of convergence so we can start at places of agreement. Consider that tweets and emoticons become substitutes for in-depth facts and real analysis.  We make judgements on the fly without digging deeper.  Look at the dysfunctional behavior of Congress--now considered the most ineffective  on record.  Polarization exists within our churches, our educational systems, our churches, and our communities. An inability to seek at least one place of commonality creates inaction at the very time action is needed. None of us holds absolute truth. We can always benefit from seeing the world through someone's eyes. You might be amazed at the synergy that results.


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