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Top Three Intentions for 2020

Top Three Intentions for 2020

Just think: the last year with the same numbers was 1919. It will be 100 years before this happens again. 2020 not only has a weighty presence but in term of vision, 2020 signifies clear eyesight.

Unlike past years, I believe 2020 beckons us to deeply search for what would be our best, most clear vision for our lives, our nation and our planet. Heady stuff, I know, but the fact that we are alive at this time is pretty significant. Each of us has a role to play and a purpose in a world that is more interconnected yet more fragile than ever before. No one is insignificant.

In his book, The Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer, wrote that willpower is less effective than imagination which is the link to the power of intention. Here are my imaginations and intentions.  I imagine being engaged in speaking and writing assignments that bring out the best in my audiences and readers, leaving them unified and instilled with a sense of purpose. My intention is to connect with those audiences and to bring my new book into their hands before this year is out.I imagine that my nation has found a way to cross what divides us and, instead, look to what could be in the best interest of all, protecting the most unique democracy in modern times. My intention is to seek opportunities to listen deeply, to seek to understand, and to be a more active participant in our governmental processes.I imagine that resilient, forward-thinking companies have voluntarily reduced waste and carbon emissions while, at the same time, are operating from a 3-point model: healthy people, healthy profits and healthy planet. My intention is to learn from my granddaughter how to create a zero waste household and to promote via blog posts and social media the good news about companies who are doing their part for our planet.

I am not going to cure cancer, balance an out-of-whack Federal budget, circumnavigate the globe on a tiny sailboat, or design the greatest AI robot. But I will make a point of practicing kindness, looking for what is good, and rejoicing when I hear from any of my followers.

Happy 2020!!!

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