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Why Grownups Need to Go Back to School

Why Grownups Need to Go Back to School

Remember the pack of crayons with all sharp points and colors? I can still smell them. How about the new book that cracked when you opened it? Or maybe, if you were lucky, either new shoes or new pants - maybe both? How about the anticipation of seeing old friends and the anxiety over which teacher you’d get? The locker was clean at least for the first few days and the PE room didn’t smell sweaty... yet!

Anticipation. Fear. Excitement. And something new!

Why should kids have all the fun? This September, decide something you would like to learn. Find someone who will be your playground buddy. You can either learn together or at least cheer each other on. There has to some element of trepidation AND it also has to be NEW. Don’t make it so big and hairy that you’ll never do it.

My new thing to learn: how to use the app Periscope. Pegine Echevarria is my playground buddy. What will you learn?

PS: Oh Yes - might as well clean your “schoolroom” while you are at it. Photo credit: ©DollarPhotoClub/BillionPhotos

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