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You’re Known by The Magazines You Read!

Just landed in Minneapolis for the connection to Duluth and a week canoeing portions of the Boundary Waters, a vast connection of lakes and waterways between the U.S. and Canada. The pocket of the airplane seat in front of me now bulges with newspapers I have read and magazines I devoured. The flight attendants will have a heyday trying to psychoanalyze just who sat in 12-B: I left behind Fast Company Magazine with pages ripped out about NIKE’s CEO and TED conferences. T&D Journal will help anyone who wants to know what ROE vs ROI means in leadership development terms. Bloomberg’s Business Week contains a fascinating account of what is popular in the consumer market. And oh my gosh—the tale of resigning CEOs. SELF magazine only holds interest to anyone interested in health, exercise, and how to get fit without a gym. Spirituality & Healthoffers a rather confusing array of meditation, native Indian wisdom, Episcopalian insights, Thomas Moore philosophy, and a grand discourse from a wise rabbi. Makes me laugh to think what a puzzlement I must be to folks. Then again, in a complex world, there is so much to learn and more than one right answer. What would you leave behind in your airplane seat pocket?

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