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Beware, Leaders! Listen to your customer service voice mail message.

I am so furious I could spit. I need a printer that can be networked via wireless. I USED to have good luck with HP. However, after less than a year, the HP LaserJet P1505n put out lousy copies--even with a new ink cartridge. I called, bought a replacement and now-2 months later-there's a white stripe running down each page. Today-Sunday-it took FIVE times to get into HP support.  I kept getting disconnected.  One of the questions in the voice mail doom loop was: "Are you using a MAC computer?"  When I FINALLY got a human being, I was informed that MAC support is ONLY AVAILABLE MONDAY - FRIDAY.  Huh?!?  You mean I could have hung up after the first call had the doom loop even bothered to include that "small detail". I think HP is about to lose a customer. Call your customer service department. Pretend you need help. You might discover a world you didn't even know existed. Hopefully, it will be heavenly instead of hellacious.

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