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Boo-tiful Can be Beautiful

Two blow-up Witch Halloween Decorations

My street is a fairly “old” street”. Folks on it are grandparents, empty nesters, and the like. Thus—when a new family moves in with—CHILDREN—the world changes. Add two adorable tabby kittens and all manner of fun begins.

It started with the kittens who suddenly appeared, scrambling over our concrete wall and meowing to be let into our house. Actually, they wanted a quick cuddle, a scratch on the head and then “off” to explore. They wore collars but no name. With coyotes in the neighbor, I picked one up and started to walk the streets to find the owners. Where did these kitties come from?

It was then I discovered Quinn, an adorable two-year-old who literally grabbed my legs and demanded to be picked up. Who was this child and where did she belong? (I’ll admit, when a toddler puts her head on your shoulder and pats your back, you are in no urgent hurry to find Mom.)

Have you ever felt that way—so taken by a child that all work and worry vanishes?

I sat Quinn down and she took my hand to lead me to a house that had been outfitted for Halloween. Huge air-filled witches, pumpkins, and skeleton bones covered the grass. And squeezing through the lattice gate came my tabby kittens.

For privacy reasons, I won’t post a picture of Quinn or state the home address. But perhaps, you might smile at your recollections from long ago when a child, a holiday season, decorations—and maybe even kittens—pulled your heart into a place of delight.

I hope so. It’s boo-tiful

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