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Chilean Mining Crisis Offers Lessons for Dysfunctional Congress

When 33 Chilean miners were trapped underground, mining minister Laurence Golborne took charge of their rescue -- and two months later, they all stepped out into the sunlight. Golborne insisted on transparency with families and the public; retaining personal responsibility while delegating key decisions to more experienced experts; and multiple rescue methods in parallel to hedge the risk of any one method's failure, according to an article in MIT Sloan Management Review.

Pick out the key concepts:

  • One person taking responsibility

  • Transparency

  • Decisions made by more experienced experts (not politicians!)

  • Multiple rescue methods

So what do we sit with now: a commission of hardliners from each side. Where is the expert? Where is the transparency. As of today, they don’t have a meeting date or place. No one is in charge. 

And with rigid thinking, I sincerely doubt there will be creative and multiple rescue methods. Shall we bring in Laurence Golborne? Our economy is in a hole as deep as the mining disaster. P.S. Remember, what kept the miners going was optimism and teamwork. As the American public, we need optimism and we must ALL pull together. Might have to do it despite Congress.

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