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Communication Skills Rank First for Hiring

Forget the emoticons and the BTW – shorthand of texting.  Nearly half of employers say they expect college grads to be able to do more. As to what skills they look for in potential hires, effective oral and written communications ranked the highest for 89% of those surveyed.  Second- critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills were chosen  by 81%.

So let me ask everyone holding a job right now: how would you rate your skills? When was the last time you critically really looked at your emails or the report you filed?  Can you stand in front of a team and clearly, concisely  present ideas? There are a host of young grads waiting in the wings to take OUR job if you can’t meet the expectations of your leader.  Experience is a fabulous bonus but if you can’t relay effective messages – beware. As for up-and-coming grads, don’t get caught up into thinking that Tweets and chats are the only tool for getting across an idea. Better take a writing class and a speech class. It will give you the leg up when the time comes.

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