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Don't Neglect Training Even When Times Are Difficult

Training is an on-going and key component to better business and happier employees.  Many companies are looking for inexpensive ways to keep their employees skills updated.  I have several ideas for meeting that objective:

  1. Bring in a professional speaker or trainer and share the expensive between several departments.

  2. Ask nearby businesses to split the cost of training in return for a number of seats for their employees or have your vendors sponsor training throughout the year as a way of keeping their services and products top of mind with your employees.

  3. Talk to your favorite training and consulting company about creating a series of recorded webinars that employees can access at any time at their convenience.

  4. Have a series of training podcasts created and have employees download them to their MP3 players.

  5. Ask vendors to supply free training on their products and services to employees.

If you'd like more cost effective ways of training employees send me an e-mail at

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