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Donna Karan Has A Passion For People

Urban Zen is not a far-out sushi bar but rather a non-profit foundation created by fashion designer, Donna Karan. I had the wonderful opportunity of talking with Donna when we were both speakers at Simmons Leadership Conference. Little did I suspect that the soul of this black-draped woman resonated with passion for creating integrative healthcare among children, caregivers and communities. She has used her considerable resources to distribute tents as shelter for displaced Haitians. Urban Zen has produced a year-long series of nutritional workshops that focus on whole foods. Karan's foundation has hosted mission-driven events with the Dalai Lama, collaborated on art projects to preserve the indigenous artists of Australia, and joined with Beth Israel Medical Center to develop a program that uses integrative therapies in the care of cancer patients. DKNY will never look the same to me again!

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