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Engaged Employees Deliver

Are your employees engaged? Employees are engaged when they are involved in and inspired by their work. They are committed to their employer and invested in the success of the company. Engaged employees are easier to retain and they make a difference in the bottom line by creating enhanced relationships with customers. How do you go about creating engaged employees? Follow the steps below. 1. Be approachable. Don't just say you have an open door… really have one. 2. Encourage and value their input. 3. Offer additional benefits such as flextime, tuition reimbursement, managerial training and technical training. 4. Communicate clearly and honestly at all times. 5. Survey employees regularly to get feedback on how to improve their working environment. 6. Bring in consultants to help them with issues of work/life balance or organizational skills. 7. Make an effort to make work fun. Have a book of the month club and provide all employees with a copy.

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