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Gratitude: Seasons of Grace

And for this we give thanks…

Spring: express gratitude for our sheer existence—the wonders of nature, seasonal cleaning of our spirit’s house and grateful sweat.

Summer: move from amazement and attentiveness to seeking out, exploring, and cultivating occasions for gratitude. Find realms of the sensory-beauty, recreation, and rest. Don’t forget the aliveness of children.

Autumn: harvest the fruit of earlier seasons. Gifts of growing into an authentic life. How we nurture the stories that shape our lives and lead us into gratitude.

Winter: envision our grateful self going into the world, multiplying, and strengthening our connections—explore intimacy, community, a fully human life.

The surest path to an ever-renewed sense of being alive is through gratitude.

The groundwork of any gratitude practice is opening to wonder, recovering the ability to be astonished. This means slowing down and noticing.

Remember: hidden mercies crop up in ordinary life.

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