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How to Find a True Leader

Visit the True Leader Creed Website

Look on and you will discover over 304,000 titles with the word “leadership” or “leader”.  Can there really be that much that is different in all of them?  Perhaps some of us are just slow learners? Or, as is often the case, perhaps we need to read/hear something many times in a different format before it finally sinks in?

Maybe we make it too complicated.

I’m pretty simple. Leaders are not born nor do they become one by means of a title or rank.  Rather, leadership comes from a place of concern for others and a belief that one can make a positive difference.  But it is also about behavior that honors all people. It is not bombastic, ego-centered, or self-serving. It’s about inclusion versus exclusion. True leadership involves building up rather than tearing down.

And it is rare. Such a very sad state of affairs!  Right now, across the U.S. and the globe, we are seeing behavior that is the opposite of true leadership. From the boardrooms to bedrooms, from community centers to Congressional offices, from college campuses to international arenas, we are seeing behavior that is so counter to true leadership.

If you go to this link, you will find a series of statements about what true leader behavior looks like.  Put yourself to the litmus test.

How do you stack up? Perhaps some behaviors are easier than others?  What would your colleagues say? Can you take the pledge?

Then, think of anyone in a leadership position or who aspires to be in that position. How do they stack up? Have we covered all the behaviors? If not, what might you add?

We’d love to hear from you!

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