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Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry Up and Wait

Resiliency is a life skill, offering those of us who use growth potential strategies (GPS) as a way to become wiser, stronger, and better through times of challenge or opportunity. But strategies are not of the ready-fire-aim- variety. As we slowly move out of a Covid-19 lockdown, eager as we are to spring into action, may I suggest that waiting offers value.

In our sped-up world of hypertext, hyperspace, and hypertension, we might all do well to consider what happens when we are forced to “wait”. I find myself mulling over all those moments in which stillness takes precedence over activity. Indeed, it is in the quiet of waiting that our creativity, imagination, and dreams take place. Some waiting contains optimism and others hold negativity. Some waiting we can control. Others we cannot. Stress occurs when we do not know the difference.

Consider this list as a prompting for your own reflection on “waiting”. Expand the list and discover what lies dormant, resting until you decide to take action. Release those areas in which you must surrender to the outcome. Consider this an article for reflection, amusement, and remembrance.

Waiting… the mental fingers-crossed image when the offer’s been made on the house

Waiting.... the breathless time between first date and first kiss

Waiting... the hush of morning stillness when sleepy heads listen for the morning paper to thud on the pavement

Waiting... the eager anticipation of birth and the every-expanding stomach which hides your feet from view

Waiting... the empty mailbox yawning for a letter from someone, maybe just anyone

Waiting... the anxious moments when we visualize the worst news from the doctor

Waiting... the tingly, giggly, squirmy endless march from Thanksgiving to Santa’s arrival

Waiting... the boredom of watching airline repair crews work on your last flight of the long week

Waiting... the stomach-growling grace-before meals while the smell of pungent Italian sausage drifts from the plate

Waiting... the blank space from artist’s block to fruitful creativity.

Waiting… the pause between the end of a speech and the audience’s response

Waiting… the slow march of a decision from a loan officer

Waiting… the pen poised above the signature block on the contract

Waiting… the frustrating, maddening on-hold music while you wait for technical support to answer your software question.

Waiting… for the check’s-in-the-mail arrival

Waiting… the moments between dusk and dark and the fireworks display

Waiting… the prayer and sorrow as a hand is held while death approaches

Waiting…the interminable time when you finally can get out of your end-of-the-plane seat and exit the aircraft

Waiting…the anticipation of seeing your family after months of distancing.

Waiting… NOW, it’s your turn.

How wonderful/ terrible is the verb/noun wait. And I’ll wait to see how you use my words to trigger your thoughts.


Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

Professional Speaker, management consultant, author of Your Resiliency GPS - Growing Through Life & Work available now on Amazon

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