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Island Magic Strikes—TWICE

Goosebumps! That’s what it’s like to be the opening AND closing keynote speaker for TOP OF THE TABLE at the Million Dollar Roundtable on Amelia Island, FL this past October.

Thanks, Tamra Martin, for sharing this picture with me. Otherwise, I might have thought I dreamt it. But there was even more magic on this barrier island besides an incredible audience.

Forty-four years ago, on this very island, I met my amazing husband, Bill Elvins. Little did we know at the time, with Bill returning to California and I moving in with my sister in Los Angeles, that we’d find love and now mark 41 years of marital bliss.

We had not been back to Amelia Island since 1978. Gratefully, Bill was able to come with me to the conference. What a joy to watch the sun AND moon come up over the Atlantic. I can’t get that in California.

Ahh—but the second piece of magic was dancing barefoot, on the grass, while the waves crashed and the moon cast its pale light.

I think the Island still holds a spell over us. And thanks, Top of the Table for making this magic happen again.

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