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Leaders can build resiliency in others

Leaders can build resiliency in others

Leaders are responsible to lead themselves and others while doing the often over-whelming job of managing a business.  The only certainty about business is that change is inevitable and leaders need to step up and teach their employees resiliency skills.  A few ways they might do this include:

  • Helping employees discover and focus on their strengths while minimizing any tendency to mope over their failures.

  • Teaching employees to keep things in perspective by modeling reframing of what is possible and an opportunity. In short, be the change you wish to see - a resilient change master!

  • Encouraging the development of strong and positive relationships and support systems.

Developing opportunities for employees to vent frustrations AND to then look for solutions. The response, “You’re lucky to have a job.” is the most negative thing a manager can say!

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