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Maid for Leadership

Not a misspelling. I do mean “maid”. You know—a housekeeper. Leadership is what I see in the three times now that Angelica has come to our house to clean. I hope she stays on my payroll until one of us retires! All leadership starts with self-leadership as serving as a role model for others. If I had a team of cleaners I would make her the Queen of the crew! Here’s why: She calls before coming to confirm the time and date. She takes initiative and sees what needs to be done—finding more than I ever thought possible. She literally takes off her shoes to feel for dirt on the floor. Last week, she cleaned my office first—while I was gone—so that I could jump back in it as soon as I returned. I didn’t ASK her to do it. She just made a smart choice. She pulled everything out of the china closet, telling me that last month she did the other cabinet and this month, she’d tackle the closet. I believe she would alphabetize my spice drawer and pantry if she had more time! And when she leaves six hours later—my not-very-large house sparkles along with her good-by grin. Share Angelica’s story with your team. How do they measure up? In fact, makes me wonder if I need to sharpen my client service. I won’t take off my shoes and skate across your floor… but I will help you dust off your leadership skills and tackle whatever lurks in a closet that might hold your team back. Call me at 949-496-8640 to discuss.

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