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How Would You Like A CEO Or A Thought Leader To Personally Chat With You?

Thought Leader Chat Owl

You’re a solid professional. You have delivered dozens of speeches, written hundreds of articles, given interviews, and written books. You have a legacy to leave but how do you do that?  How do your clients and future clients access this incredible amount of wisdom that you have generated in your field, or about your product? And how do you do that in a way that captures your voice and your essence?


To me, these are marvelous questions to jump start this new year.


As if he read my mind, my colleague John Baldoni recently emailed me his latest and greatest: the Baldoni ChatBot.  You will find an amazing consolidation of John’s wide range of management insights through a new technology called InfluencerKit.AI. Furthermore, when you visit the Baldoni ChatBot, you’ll find a small blue bubble in the bottom right corner. Type in a question. Almost any question related to leadership, management, grace under pressure, and more. The questions will give you a wide range of responses… all echoing Baldoni’s unique voice.


InfluencerKit.AI is the brainchild of Mahesh M. Thakur, a seasoned tech leader, entrepreneur, and highly recognized executive coach. Baldoni sought out Thakur because of his extensive work in the world of AI and coding. Thakur is a former engineer and has been a product manager for Microsoft Bing Search. Thakur designed this platform to help convert visitors into customers and to improve the satisfaction of existing clients and users. The analytics demonstrate how the Bot is delivering value for the brands and the businesses. The owner of the CEO's style and content in a ChatBot is unique. Imagine being able to chat with Steve Jobs or Tim Cook about the new iPhone or iPad you are researching!


Pulling together Baldoni’s vast storehouse of knowledge was no easy task. After all, Global Gurus has ranked Baldoni for years among the top leadership coaches and the International Federation of Learning and Development named him to its Hall of Fame in 2021. With 16 books and hundreds of interviews under Baldoni’s belt, capturing his insight and voice was an incredibly difficult task.


The Baldoni Bot builds a human-like connection with its personalized responses to the questions the Bot users have. John has found the Bot bringing together his body of work in unique and engaging ways. Each day, John is surprised with how the Bot continues to get sharper and smarter.


As a non-techie person, I instantly want to understand these questions:

  • How do I build a deeper connection with every visitor on my website or social media page?

  • How do I answer online questions that reflect my expertise and draw from my body of work?

  • How do you do this and integrate this Bot into my website?

  • How long does this take?

  • How much material must one have to make the chatbot viable?

And of course…

  • What is the minimum investment?


If these are also your questions, contact the expert. Mahesh can answer any questions and provide you with guidance on how AI can unlock new opportunities for you. His email is Mahesh@InfluencerKit.AI

Stay tuned and follow me on Linkedin to learn more…

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