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Meditating in the Garden

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back. Choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

– Buddha

I can hear some of you right now: “Meditate! I’d rather medicate.”

Can’t blame you. This practice might seem to fit the slower life of religious folks. Au contraire! Men and women caught in today’s frantic, frenetic pace can get back into a place of con- trolled energy with a daily practice of meditation.

Here’s why. Instead of just throwing yourself out of bed when the alarm sounds or hitting the snooze button and turning over, become very deliberate with the start of the day. Without a deliberate practice, we join the energy-sucking race into life.

I am by no means a great practitioner. In fact, I am pretty lousy. But I do know that if I wake up 15 minutes early, do the morning chores my body needs (including brushing my teeth), I can return to bed or a chair and just sit for 10 minutes. Doing nothing. Just gently breathing. Sure, my monkey mind chatters about the to-do list. I tell it to be quiet. Sometimes I am successful. Sometimes not. It doesn’t matter. I am starting the day with my energy controlled.

You can move into a longer practice, take classes, listen to tapes. Those all take time. Right now, a 10-minute start to the day will start your energy flowing in the right direction, connecting with what matters to you!

Then, when life takes over and you find yourself hyperventilating at the kids, the assignment, the spouse, go back to the very first lesson: Breeeathe.

This excerpt is from my book My Get Up and Go… Got Up and Went: Simple Ways to Recharge Your Batteries and Renew Your Life!. You can purchase it for yourself or for someone as a gift by clicking here.

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