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Stop Being a Martyr. Women—ASK for help!

Everyone expects something from you. Your boss wants that project on his desk on Friday. Your husband wants you to pick up the dry cleaning. Your son needs his new pants hemmed before the class picture is taken. You try to cope by taking work home, fitting in a stop at the dry cleaners in between the grocery store and the gas station. You stay up until midnight and then hem those pants before falling into bed only to lay awake worrying about what you left undone. Instead of trying to do it all find out what really needs to be done now and what can be done later or by someone else. For example, maybe your boss only needs part of the project done on Friday and you don't need to take work home. Always ask for clarification when given a deadline. Find out if a project can be delivered in pieces. Drop off your son's new pants at the dry cleaners right after work and pay them extra to do the hemming while you are at the grocery store and the gas station. Go back to the dry cleaners to pick up the pants and the dry cleaning. Better yet, ask for help. Ask your spouse to take on some of the errands or hire someone to do it for you. Have the house cleaned twice a month by a maid service. Say no whenever possible and ask for help as much as you can.

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