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The Surprise of a "Thank You"

Thank You

At the close of 2023, I received a hand-written thank you. Out of the blue. Unexpected. And it lightened my entire day, week, and maybe months.

I’ve known Mark LeBlanc for years. We are dear friends, and I am thankful for that role, but this card—well, it just was over the top.  It was spontaneous, not necessary, and therefore even more meaningful.

He said I have been a force of good in his life for so long. He thanked me for being me, for what I stand for, and for being a gift to the world.

Pull out the tissue—it’s time to start crying. 

My lesson: gratitude that comes out of the blue without an incident to prompt it carries a considerable weight. How often do we take for granted that the people in our lives must know how much they are valued?  

I plead guilty. When was the last time I told my assistant that her presence in my life and caring attitude about what we put out in the universe took a burden off my shoulders? When was the last time I told my neighbor of some 30 years that her presence and care helped me get through lonely days? When was the last time I told my sister and brother that our ability to help each other shoulder burdens is a gift beyond measure?

So, think about it. Managers and leaders, when was the last time you individually told each person what you valued about them? Parents, when was the last time you pulled your child aside and told him what you treasure and see in him (or her)?

It might be a lovely way to move into 2024. 

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