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Three Men In Search Of A Leaf

Bill and Eileen

That was the caption I put on a photo I can no longer find because it was before the age of iCloud and digital.

But it’s plastered in my brain: Father John Davis, my brother-in-law Noam Pitlik, and my precious Bill walking ahead of my sister and me. They’re headed up a trail in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains above Santa Fe, NM. We’ve come to Santa Fe to celebrate our 10th anniversary and have Father John (now retired in NM) bless us.

Down in the town, lilacs are in full bloom and the sun is shining. My dream 10th anniversary is to be surrounded by greenery. However, up in the mountains, it’s cold and there’s not a leaf or a blossom to be found!

Amazing how fast you can repeat vows when you’re freezing. We laugh as we scurry down the trail and seek the sun and scent of Santa Fe.

Maybe finding humor in place of disappointment is one secret for staying love. What do you think?

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