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Small Things Make a Difference

Baby Doves with Mother in Nest

Try baby hummingbirds. Consider a tiny dove chick. Or how about the toddler who screams as she runs into the ocean and turns to me with her outstretched arms for a “pick-me-up” demand.

It all happened today. And it restored a sense of happiness in my heart.

The hummingbird babies are but pea-size bits of fluff. The dove chick has finally shown its little head. And the toddler—well, she's not mine. I was just standing on the beach when she ran to me.

Here’s the deal: in the middle of the hatred that divides our nation, the war in Ukraine that rips our hearts out, the climate crisis that brings devastating storms and heat waves, we all need something that reminds us there are positive, uplifting moments.

Small? Yes. Essential? Yes.

Just enough to take a deep breath and murmur a thank-you.

For today.

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