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Whatever happened to Personal Responsibility!?!?!?

Updated: May 31

Illustration of person following into a marked hole

I read a report a few years back of a Hawaiian man who sued the makers of his favorite video game, claiming that he should have been warned it's addictive. The plaintiff says he spent about 20,000 hours playing Lineage II over the past five years. His addiction interfered with his “usual daily activities” such as getting up, getting dressed, bathing, or communicating with family and friends.

First, without bathing in five years, who would want to communicate with him!  But I digress. There must have been a bonehead attorney out on the Islands who thought this case could be won.  Really? What has happened to personal responsibility?

The Personal Responsibility of Accepting and Adjusting to All the Conditions in Life

A Florida woman filed a $5 million lawsuit against Kraft, claiming its Velveeta mac and cheese cups took longer to cook than advertised. She claimed the packaging was misleading because it did not factor in time to open the packaging, add water, and stir in the cheese. Fortunately, a federal judge dismissed the case.  

It leaves me baffled. Are we a bunch of mindless idiots who have to be warned at every step of our lives? If I order coffee—not ICED coffee—it is SUPPOSED to be hot.  Still can’t get over that McDonald’s lost the case when a woman stupidly put the coffee cup between her legs at a drive in. How silly.

The Personal Responsibility of Being Aware of Your Surroundings

Or there’s the case where some teenager was texting while walking and fell into a water sewer. She sued the city. GIVE ME A BREAK!  Next thing you know, some idiot on a cell phone will sue the city because a traffic light turned red and he ran through it and was in an accident.

Guess we need warnings that donuts can add pounds, eggs will break if dropped, and shower floors are slippery.  GEEZ.

What do you think?

P.S. Warning: reading my blog can be addictive  

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