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Are You Eager For Change?

Employees have been downsized, laid off, given reduced benefits, forced to work longer and longer hours without additional pay.  Will anyone be surprised when thousands of these employees ditch their unhappy work circumstances as soon as the economy shows a strong recovery?  Anyone who has read the news can see that many companies treated employees miserably when they had the balance of power in their favor.  What happens when the balance shifts and employees become the ones in control?  According to a survey by CareerBuilder and Robert Half International as many as 45 percent of participants plan on changing jobs and/or industries when the economy swings back to the positive as it always does.  This is when companies will really feel the pain as a glut of angry workers march out the doors and the organization is left with huge recruiting and training fees to replace them.  When will corporate America realize that the only truly valuable asset they have is their staff?  That day of reckoning may be coming soon.

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