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Can Our Voices Create Harmony – A Symphony of Empathy?

Can Our Voices Create Harmony – A Symphony of Empathy?

Our recent national struggles have motivated me to revisit our nation’s history and dig deeper into how we got here. It’s also ruffled my curiosity about Americans who are less empathically supportive of our Black, Brown, Asian, Native and all other marginalized fellow citizens, who, for centuries, have been pleading to be seen, heard, respected, and understood by those who possess the power.

Our past tapestries are too tightly woven with global stories of bigotry, discrimination, disenfranchisement, inequity, and hate so fierce it has led to genocide. Unfortunately, one can pick up a newspaper and read equally brutal stories today, around the world, and in this nation we love. History repeating itself?

History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it usually rhymes. – – Seth Godin

Pain, tears, and agony of ancestors echo in our halls of justice. So I wonder what verses we’ll choose to compose now. Will our prose of humanity continue to be a refrain of discord, dissonance, and dissension? Or, can and will we rise above, work to understand, and abstain from such stuff of our past? We have the opportunity to create couplets of compassion, sonatas of sustainable harmony, and cantos of coherence. But, will we?

In solo, one struggles to have their voice heard and their past understood as an extension of today’s reality. However, a voluminous concert of humanity, united in vision, voices, and action toward the pursuit of a more perfect union increases the chances of rhythms of historic change, of hope, and an opportunity to step safety into tomorrow.

Together, let’s shift from might and fight to what is right, left behind to being kind, injustice to justice, disparity to equity, disjointed into united, and disproportion into forward motion. We hold the conductor’s baton in our own life as well as the invitation to harmonize with humanity in the call for collective morality. Our choice.

Life is calling . . . Today’s the day!


Once again, my soul sister Marilynn Semonick penned a powerful message in her Wednesday Wisdom. I use it with her permission.

– Eileen

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