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Kindness Boosts Energy

Kindness Boosts Energy

Out of nowhere I received an email about the benefits of being kind. Hey, why not? The recent reduction of generously extending consideration, compassion, and charity inspire me to find the notion of Random Acts of Kindness intriguing. There’s something compelling about giving to others without any request, expectation, or promise of anything in return. Contained in the email were benefits of kindness:

  1. Can increase the feeling of strength & energy.

  2. Generates endorphins, the body's natural pain killer.

  3. Can become less depressed

  4. Can make one feel calmer

  5. It has been shown that people that are more kind have 23% less cortisol (the stress hormone) and age slower than the average population.

Offering kindness makes a difference to the giver and everyone who receives. Perhaps today we can begin or continue a habit of expanding humanity in our everyday moments, starting with easy things like:

Find opportunities to compliment someone you encounter today.

Hold the door open for someone

Clean out your house and make a donation to your local charity

Allow someone to merge into traffic

Take out the garbage for an elderly neighbor

(from Eileen- sweep up the broken glass on a roadway that some not-so-kind-person left)

As I practice, I suspect extending kindness will become easier over time and am convinced it will benefit the giver, perhaps more than the receiver.


Thanks, Marilynn for your kindness in letting me share this. To reach Marilynn and subscribe to her Wednesday Wisdom, visit or

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