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Peachy Keen - A Sea Creature That Resembles Humans!

Sometimes, the animal kingdom comes way too close to resembling our existence. The Sea Peach is a somewhat fuzzy creature that is a close relative to us in that it has a rudimentary nervous system, and eye and a sense of smell. But here’s an even spookier resemblance: after a carefree adolescence, it degenerates into a blob. After it matures, it latches on to a rock, it eye grows dim and vanishes. Its sense of smell goes away, its nervous systems withers and disappears and— to add insult to injury—its mouth migrates into way-too-close to its rear end!

Now: I did not make this up. I found this when I was cleaning out my files. So if you wrote this— let me know and I’ll give you credit! But then I’d have to ask you (and me)— why ever did we keep this bit of data.

Perhaps we’re both strange.

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